…and finally, our first blog on our new website just focusing on Muslim and Indian weddings. Check it out and enjoy the stories we have for you in days, months and years to come.

We start you off with am amazing couple that had the honor of documenting their wedding back in April. The moment we met Amrita and Amar it was very clear that this was going to be an epic wedding.

I mean, every wedding we get to document we put our all in it and this wedding was no different. We just went all out.

I must say after the scary decision to finally transition into the Creative and Artistic Wedding Documentary Style, this was our first wedding and the couple loved the output. I remember their family and friends watching a slideshow which we had prepared and displayed at the wedding reception and I could see guys holding back tears…that was a beautiful moment for us.

What was there not to love about this wedding! An amazing couple, ‘lit’ dance floors especially with having a DJ groom, brilliant family and friends who brought all these emotions to the wedding pictures, crazy cousins 😀 and omg, the food…Oh, Did I mention that this was a 7 day wedding! My goodness, this was special…

Checkout the highlights of the wedding events and enjoy!